April Fools Day + smoke alarms = change batteries

A Seamless Electrical Handy Hint:

The WA Department of Fire and Emergency recommends that EVERY home should have mains powered smoke alarms. This means the alarms are wired directly to a 240 volt AC power supply or to a 12/24 volt DC system powered by a 240 volt supply. Mains powered alarms must be installed by a registered Electrician.  Contact us  (Seamless Electrical Services) for safe, reliable and seamless installation.

DFES recommends photoelectric smoke alarms for use in the family home. If installed and maintained properly research indicates photoelectric alarms give enough time for occupants to escape fires, compared to Ionisation alarms which is the other alternative.

It is recommended the alarms be located in all sleeping areas and in all paths to exits. They are not recommended near bathrooms, laundries and kitchens. The WA Department of Fire and Emergency Services also recommends in multi-level dwellings that smoke alarms be installed on the stairs between levels.

Regular testing (refer to the smoke alarm manufacturer’s guide for its testing procedure) ensures the battery and the alarm sounder are functioning and it also assists the residents to familarise themselves with the sound the alarm emits. Suggested testing frequency is no less than once a month. Clean the unit every year with a vacuum cleaner to remove particles. This increases the smoke alarm’s performance. Alarms have a maximum service life of 10 years and need to be replaced after that.

Normally a smoke alarm will sound a warning ‘beep’ when the battery needs replacing. However, to be on the safe side … The DFES promotes April Fools Day as a reminder to annually change all our high-quality, long-life smoke alarm batteries. DFES recommends installing 240 volt mains powered photo-electric smoke alarms by a qualified electrician. Contact us.
Mobiles tap to dial tel: +61422221078 

Did you remember to change your smoke alarm batteries on Wednesday 1st April? 

If not, just do it … sometime over this Easter long weekend.

Every year on 1st April it is suggested that smoke alarm batteries be changed.

Seamless Electrical Services reminder: April 1st. Smoke Alarms. Change batteries!

Stay safe, stay with Seamless Electrical Perth.