Watch 100 year old film of ‘latest’ home electrical appliances!

But before you do, have a quick read about the Electrical Contracting Company who’s website you’re visiting. Two mates chatting at work –  Sam: “Why does Seamless Electrical Services have such a good reputation?” Tom: “Because they keep up to date with everything to do with safety, regulations and rules so I don’t have to and their standard of  work is top quality. They source the latest designs and products, too. Plus I’ve never heard of them being unreliable. Everyone says that. Seamless Electrical always do what they say they’re going to do, plus more and always on time. Their values are exactly the same as my friends and mine, like taking safety very seriously. Excellent customer service, that’s why.” At Seamless Electrical Services our reputation for outstanding safety, quality and reliability has evolved because of the successful relationship we have developed with our customers who share these same priorities. Our Electricians are up-skilled every month in the latest safety guidelines and procedures. They are continually being tested both theoretically and practically. Seamless Electrical completes every job to exacting standards and we’re proud to be a member of Masters Electricians Australia who set the bench mark of excellence within our industry. Centrally located minutes from the Perth CBD, Seamless Electrical’s team of qualified, enthusiastic and dedicated electricians will arrive promptly, with the correct equipment and tools, and always within the given time-frame. If you care about safety, quality and reliability, contact Seamless Electrical Services. We offer a guaranteed professional service delivered seamlessly. Like Seamless Electrical Services on Facebook    While you’re here have a look around our dynamic website: contemporary, unique, informative and hopefully containing exactly what you need / want to know. If not, tell us and we’ll include it. The site is always a work in progress and we appreciate constructive feedback. Seamless Electrical services the domestic, commercial and industrial sectors. We have strong and positive working relationships with all our customers: from the professional couple in their inner city apartment and the property manager in charge of twenty dwellings, to the facility manager of the shopping centre with over sixty retail outlets and the Site Manager overseeing the construction of an industrial warehouse. We also have a fully equipped 24 /7 emergency call out service so assistance is never far away. Our electricians are friendly, respectful and trustworthy. They also have a sense of humour. You’ll notice it more as the weekend […] » Continue Reading Watch 100 year old film of ‘latest’ home electrical appliances!

Keeping down with the Jones

Have you ever wondered how much electricity your family uses compared to your neighbours? Are you keeping your energy consumption down as much as the Jones next door? What about your re-purpose, reuse, recycle, energy saving friends in the next street?  Aren’t you the tiniest bit curious as to how you’d rate among others in the neighbourhood? In case you are … here is a link to an Aust. Gov. electricity usage page (Compare My Suburb Electricity) …  you enter your postcode and the number of people living in your home and it calculates and then reports on the electricity consumption averages for your suburb. The Results Page is presented in kWhs giving your suburb’s averages per day for Autumn, Winter, Spring, Summer and an Annual average per day.  The Page also reports on your suburb’s total average kWh’s for Autumn, Winter, Spring and Summer. Note: It might be handy to have your last bill to compare all the kWh’s and also be aware that the Page does not take into consideration whether the people in your household are male or female, baby or teenager, FIFO or unemployed. However, if you’re keen on making a point to your teenage son who leaves lights on behind him, uses the dryer in summer, is Gaming until about 11 pm most nights, takes forever to decide what to take out of the fridge and then changes his mind …   you’ll find this little link very useful! Compare My Suburb Electricity

Christmas Lights Safety Check

Seamless Electrical Services wishes you a very safe Christmas. Click on the link for the latest information on the safe use of Christmas decorations and lights. Seasons greetings from Seamless Electrical Services.   MERRY CHRISTMAS For indoor and outdoor Christmas lights advice, a buying guide, general safety information and connection tips & tricks, CLICK on this government link and have a very safe 2014 Christmas from Seamless Electrical Services.